On 22nd June 2019, 45th birthday of vijay, we started our TVMP team to celebrate and to do welfare activities on behalf of Thalapathy Vijay. Our TVMP family celebrated Thalapathy Vijay sir birthday by providing food and cake to more than 150 people in SRS SARVODAYA CHETPET and then we unleashed 200 helium filled balloons into the sky of marina beach. We also distributed TVMP BAND and TVMP shirts to the team members and made it a memorable start of all our upcoming welfare activites and celebrations.


We made many successful activities like Bigil Tree plantation, Food at Thanjai by VMI, 2020 New Year Celebration, Master Helmet Awareness, Food at SANADHANAASHANIVAS, TVMP Corona Welfare Activities in Chennai and Thirunelveli, TVMP Food welfare in Chennai, Green Plant Challenge in Chennai and Erode and more activities will be continued.

Want to take part in our Social Activities and become a part of our team. Feel free to Contact our Founder and Team Lead, Venkatesh @+91 7338990443.